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Duling Farms – Branding & Logo

When this farm came under new ownership, the new owners knew that it was time to add some branding of their own. They wanted to maintain an aesthetic in keeping with the rich history of the farm, whic…

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Fahrenheit Massage – Promo Card

If you’ve never experienced Fahrenheit Massage, you will want to attend an event where these are being handed out. It’s likely that Kristin will be on hand doing the work that she is so gi…

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Coffee Jam Café – Rebrand

A beloved Lansing coffee shop was sold earlier in 2016. The new owners wanted to add a new meaning to the “jam” in Coffee Jam. Inside, you will not only find exquisitely crafted coffee beverages, …

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Way Creative – Rebrand

Dang Harris Design was approached by Way Creative to help them bring new life to their branding, in support of a new website and enhanced creative direction. Way Creative utilizes the RGB (Red, Green,…

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Go Greener, LLC – Brochure

Go Greener approached Dang Harris Design to create a new brochure to highlight all of their services. Particular attention was paid to calling out their Commercial and Residential Construction Service…

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